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just got diagnosed with cancer…crazy week full of tears from everyone and faked smiles from me to seem strong.

"…When my story’s told, how will they tell it?
Will they say I was a giver or remember I was selfish
Will they say I was a sinner or pretend I was a saint
Will I go down as a winner, what’s the picture they gon paint
Wouldn’t say that I’m a quitter that’s one thing I know I ain’t
Will they tarnish, will they taint?
Glorify me, overthink, say they know me, say I’m great
Say I’m phoney, I was fake
Say the things about me they never told me to my face
I was loved I was hated
Just a nigga with a dream
I’m a liar I was honest, I was all of these things
When I’m gone let em talk
They discussing who I am
When they bury me just know I wasn’t nothing but a man
Wasn’t nothin’ but a man..”

my fault 2 friday night lights songs in a row…oh well.

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"…but do you love me like you used to?

even though i aint that nigga that you’re used to.

remember back when i was broke, you would fix me,

do you prefer the broke me or the rich me?

the broke me couldn’t buy you meals, not even a value meal

and now i pay for everything, how you feel?…”



jail babes :) 

the last one tho… :) :) 

Who is the last chick? Lort 👀

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